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Our Scented Homestead - Danielle Sutton

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Hey y’all!!

I am so glad you’re here reading a bit of my journey. I live in a very small town in NC. I am married to my hubs, Cody, and we have two beautiful kiddos, 2 dogs and a cat. It’s wild over here haha. I love anything Jeep, coffee, and Target.

I have been a consultant going on 3 years which is still crazy for me because it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I guess time really does fly by when you’re having a blast! When I first joined this business I was looking to make $200 to put towards my car payment, and truthfully I wasn’t expecting to even make that. I am a corporate trainer full time and plan to match my income this year, and be able to come home to my babies and do Scentsy full time. While money is great this business has blessed me and my family with SO MUCH MORE. My family and I have been able to travel to places never before, all because of Scentsy.

I truly believe this business can be the vessel to making your dreams become your reality. And the first step is believing in yourself. If you’re interested in giving this business a shot please reach out! I’d love to help you reach those dreams!

Text me - 828.292.4810

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